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CJ2A to MB

The Restoration(In Pictures)
Before and After
Vintage pictures

Jeep Part Distributors and Informative  Jeep Sites

I'm gonna try to post all the places I know of to get jeep we go..
Beachwood Canvas Works
Krage MotorSports
Northstar Willys
M.V. Spares
Brent Mullins Jeep Parts
Army Jeep Parts
Walck's 4WD
4WD Parts
G503 Parts
Ok.... here are some informative sites... in random order as they appear on my favorites list or on Google.
DarrylD's WWII Army Jeeps Army Trailer Restoration
The JeepGuys HomePage
1945 Willys MB Restoration
The CJ2A Page
Brian's Military Jeeps of WWII