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CJ2A to MB

The Restoration(In Pictures)

The Restoration(In Pictures)
Before and After
Vintage pictures

Here are some restoration photos as of June 4th, 2005(website reactivated March 14th, 2017! Prepare for more updates!!!.

This is the bow pockets, we are removing them and fixing dents/holes with Bondo and fiberglass.

This shows the added crappy bucket seats and the newly added jerry can and spare tire holder.

We replaced the crappy bucket seats with the real seat frames.

This was behind the cracking and splitting Bondo.

Sanding, sanding, sanding......

Fiberglass, Bondo, and 3 days later, this is the side.

The dash with bondo and fiberglass needs intense sanding.

I found the painted over data frame plate.

I found and restored the data plates, all 93955.

I found out where the original eye bolts for the safety belts on this jeep went.

Eye bolt now intstalled.

This is the rough dashboard before smoothing it out.

Here is the smooth dash.

The smooth and primered grill/bumper, I ran out of O.D .paint.

The front now with its winter coat of light o.d(Dont have bare metal in the winter lying around.)

The pintel hood was bought off Ebay and the eyes bolts were purchased at a local military junkyard..

Here she is right after assembly after painting.

Here's the dash, quite a bit different than the ones above.

Here's the back, still lacking a spare tire carrier, M38 Style.

29th Division! We still lack the top, bows, glass,seals, and spare tire carrier.....

Glass is in, waiting for the top and bows.


Here is the back......

Here is the new rifle rack and my M-1.

Well, I haven't posted pictures in a while... I'll try to get on it pretty soon. Here is what have happened as of last November to present. Eleanor(the Jeep) layed down on us sometime in November after my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. We didnt bother to work on it since we had other things on my mind. I did research about the jeep mechanical problems.. I drive the jeep too much to be working on it every other day so I went ahead and decided to get a new distributor and carb. I didnt bother to buy a distributor till after I found out that a brand new Solex Carb didnt help it a bit. As my grandfather's conditioned turned from good to bad.. I gave up on the jeep for a while.. occasionally staring under the hood and pondering. One of the biggest snows since the early ninties hit our region... We needed the jeep up but it just wouldnt go without the New Distributor.. We had 2 other 4wd Vehicles that did the work though.. In the middle of the big snow and the holiday season my grandfather passed away and thanks to Hospice he was able to pass away quick and at home, which he wanted. The day after we had the funeral my father broke his leg in the back yard, leaving him inopperative to work and he is bed fast. As the distributor came in and we finally got it running... everything worked fine.  Now just until last week or so the brakes have totally went out and the jeep is undrivable once again... The engine runs great now will all new electric components but it wont stop or drive smoothly. I will keep you updated as parts and other info come in... thanks...Josh Bullock

Well, after fixing most of the brakes and more parts for them on the way I plan on fixing the rest of the engine(oil lines etc etc ) and the Suspension. I believe I found the wobble, the bearing was installed incorrectly on the front hub and the axle nut and shims werent even INSTALLED... they were just laying on the axle.. not even threaded on.. I have to get some new pics soon, the thing is looking pretty vinatge and aged...very authenic...

Well, after going through master cylinders and two brake like switches, the brakes are finally fixed, i decided to setup the eccentrics on the brakes... I guess that is all they need instead of days of bleeding them... I guess I have to have some parts soon.. I need to rapaint the inner tub, 2 years of driving in all conditions with multiple people take its toll on a 2 coat OD floorboard. After that I plan on fixing the suspension, the leaf spings in the back are in great shape but I need all new shocks and 2 new front leaf springs and the mounting accessories, You can acutally pull broken springs out in the front. But I may put the jeep on the backburner and see what else I can do, I go for my license in two days, I hope that turns out well.

After driving in whats left of Hurricane Dennis

Our New Addition, A 1952 Strict M100 Trailer!

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